The heart and soul of PUNUGOODS is our global community: The creative entrepreneurs who use the platform to sell what they make, the craft lovers looking for treasures they won't find anywhere else, the manufatures who partner with Punugoods artists to help them grow and the Punugoods tribe who maintain and nurture our marketplace.


Founded in 2014, PUNUGOODS is an authentic community marketplace for people to discover and shop unique fine art and crafts from artists and artisans all over Africa.

We build a new economy and a way of doing business with Africa. We empower communities all over developing countries, we lead the path from the informal into a formal ecosystem.


Create a fair global market. by cutting middlemen who are ruling the African craft market, and giving crafters access to selling channels and adequate tools, we build sustainable and human oriented small e-businesses.


How it works


Meet African makers

Our marketplace is the world largest for Africa based makers and Artists. You build sustainable relationship with communities. #MakeinAfrica

Shop your favorite african Crafts

We are an online Worldwide destination for African Artistry And Culture, It’s the place that Celabrates African Aesthetics. #Africancrafts

Use technology for Africa

To meet artists' and makers' needs in terms of autonomy and sustainability, we have to build adequate tools and a custom technology for their small businesses. #Africafintech